Melform Services

Melform ltd take pride in the wide range of quality engineers tube spanners and automotive hub nut spanners which we manufacture stock and distribute.

If however you cannot find what you are looking for you can email us at .

We will be more than happy to discuss ways of finding a solution to your enquiry .

We can offer solutions, which we refer to as a variation on a theme.

For example the spanner you require might want to be longer or shorter or manufactured with a different size hexagon or on a another diameter tube so the tube fits down the internal diameter of an hole. These are all things we have come across before.

So because of this we have a tool room machining department so we can make new product tooling so we can facilitate new product design. We take great pleasure in product innovation that will help our existing customers and new customers with their enquiries.

Our aim is to provide tools that are fit for the purpose for what they are required for.

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